What’s New

Spring is on its way and that means more storytelling events! Schools, libraries, tea shops and festivals will fill my calendar as we move into the warmer months. Be sure to check out my Calendar for up-coming performances and make your reservations early. Libraries are already booking our new Fizzle, Sizzle, & Twizzle Summer Reading Program. Storyteller and chemistry teacher emeritus, Stas’ Ziolkowski, will be joining Joanna for science demonstrations and lots of stories, so be sure to call us early to get your requested date.

And mark your calendars now for the Three Rivers Storytelling Festival on August 8th & 9th at the Winchester Thurston School – North Campus, 4225 Middle Road, Allison Park, PA 15101, Featuring: Andy Offutt Irwin, Charlotte Blake Alston, Megan Hicks and Gregory Gibson Kenney as well as numerous local and regional storytellers. Concerts, workshops, Liar’s Contest, Youth tellers, Senior’s program, the Festival will have it all!


Through storytelling you actually feel, taste, smell and touch the woods on a dark night or the spray of the sea as it breaches the prow of a ship. As you listen, you take adventures, feel what it was like to live in other places, and maybe even remember what it was like to be a kid again sitting around the fire listening to the stories of your grandparents.


I love watching an audience be enveloped by a story - watching them travel with me through the landscape of words that create the images of the tale. It is so much fun to hold the listeners in my hands, watching them use their imagination to "see" the events unfolding. My audiences have enjoyed wonderful tales of the past, present, and future having moments of laughter, times when they might sigh, learned a moral, or even jumped in fright. Then I know I have done my job, I have taken them on that journey with me to fascinating places, helping them to understand what has gone before or seeing what the future may hold.

Before the written word much of our history, cultural traditions, morals and skills
were passed by word of mouth by the travelers, minstrels and bards traveling from town
to town.   My interest in storytelling slowly developed over the years as I volunteered in
my children's school, worked with scouting groups, and in the camping industry.  I hope I
have inspired my audiences’ imaginations, stretched their own creativity and helped them
to see history in a way they had never imagined.