New Workshop!  The Character’s Perspective – Creating Character’s with Panache!

Storytelling Workshop at the Deprecation Lands Museum

Every good story has memorable characters, characters that connect to the audience. Learn how to use your voice, posture, movement, and language to create characters that come alive for your audience.  Revive a story by learning how to tell it from a different character’s perspective.  Come and play with movement, words, and your voice as you create characters with panache!

Exploring the Art of Storytelling

Participants working in small groups on their stories

Learn the basic mechanics of storytelling while learning how to “see the story” from the listener’s perspective. For all ages from youngsters learning how to develop their first story to seasoned professionals trying to find ways to spice up their presentation.

The Five Senses in Storytelling

Participants creating new stories

Using your five senses in your story can give a spark to new stories and new life to tales you have been telling for years. Bring sights, sounds, tastes, smells and textures into your stories to bring your audience into the world of your story.